Our Approach

” If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Ancient African Proverb. The Pamoja Development Group, LLC., adheres to this approach. We believe collaboration should be mutually beneficial. We provide competitive prices for our services. Our goal is to provide an excellent service in a timely fashion. We simply ask for the opportunity to assist you in expanding, organizing and maintaining your business or ideas.

About our Team

Three brothers, with diverse interests shared a common belief in “Pamoja”. Pamoja is a swahili word that means togetherness. Kufanya kazi Pamoja as stated previously is a phrase that means “working together”. Identifying specific areas where working together in technology driven markets would produce success. A search for words that would best express our understanding of the movement needed ensued. The name Pamoja was suggested and accepted. Others holding the same ideals, yet with different means of communicating the same goals, collaborate with The Pamoja Development Group, LLC., to obtain success for all concerned.